Courses and programmes

In order for an organisation to work effectively and to achieve its objectives, development should cover both the specific skills needed to carry out the work (e.g. strategic planning, customer service, time management, creativity, financial management, etc.), and the way in which these objectives are achieved (e.g. team cooperation, leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution, etc.).
Organisation's development centre “Spring Valley” creates and conducts training courses and programmes in both of these areas – WHAT the organisation is doing – i.e. developing specific skills and HOW the organisation does it, i.e. an effective process of carrying out the work.
In the field of skills development, “Spring Valley” provides courses in following areas:
Strategic Planning
Setting objectives
Performance Assessment
Customer Service
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
New trainer training
Time Management
Change management 
Diversity management
In the field of work efficiency, “Spring Valley” offers following programs:
Personal efficiency development
Leadership development
Team building and efficiency
Effective communication
Conflict Management
Stress Management
Training and development courses must meet the specific operational needs of the organization, so “Spring Valley” creates a completely new, unique program or course for each client individually.